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Moving Boxes San Francisco Delivered.

Have a San Francisco home or office move?

If you’re searching for ‘moving boxes San Francisco’ you’re likely preparing for a Bay Area move, thankfully if you need moving boxes San Francisco residents have a better option. Instead of cheap cardboard boxes, save yourself time, money and hassle and rent plastic moving boxes. With all rental orders of moving boxes San Francisco homes and offices include free next-day delivery.

At Brute Box Moving, we rent boxes made out of industrial-strength plastic that are waterproof, durable and secure. The boxes are rented by week in simple packages based on the size of your home. Each rental package includes everything you’ll need to move: the boxes, a moving dolly, packing labels, and security ties. We also have other moving and packing supplies, including hand trucks, packing paper and bubble wrap, and all orders include free delivery to San Francisco. So make your next move easier, rent moving boxes San Francisco, and say goodbye to cardboard.

moving boxes San Francisco, CA

Make your next move a little better

Save Time Packing & Unpacking.

Unlike cardboard boxes, we deliver moving boxes San Francisco residents can use to start packing right away, the boxes are pre-assembled, requiring no tape. The boxes nest when empty and stack when full, and have integrated lids to make packing and stacking painless. Included in every rental package is a moving dolly that makes moving the boxes around the house easy.

When you’re done moving, there are no cardboard boxes to break down, and no recycling mess to contend with. Simply stack the empty boxes, and we’ll pick everything up when it’s convenient for you.

Save Time Shopping.

Let us do the hard work! Stop driving around looking for moving boxes San Francisco, let us deliver moving supplies to your doorstep. We rent complete moving packages that include the Brute Boxes, a moving dolly, packing labels and cable ties. We also have moving supplies like packing paper and bubble wrap you’ll need, all with free next-day delivery to San Francisco. See all of our moving supplies.

Protect Your Stuff

Brute Box Moving delivers moving boxes San Francisco residents can feel confident are durable, waterproof and secure. Unlike cardboard, where your valuables can be damaged by water, crushed, or easily be stolen, Brute Boxes solve these problems with rigid plastic construction that’s waterproof, and secure lids that can be locked.

Save Money.

With our convenient package prices, and because you’re renting, we’re up to 40% cheaper than using cardboard boxes. Rent from us, and we’ll provide the easy way to get moving boxes in San Francisco. Plus, we will even pay the tax on all your rented items! See our moving box rental pricing.

Help keep San Francisco moving green

Moving can be a stressful point in life, but it also can be extremely detrimental to the environment. In 2014, with the typical household using 60 cardboard moving boxes, San Francisco residents used more than 2.6 million cardboard boxes to move alone! We’d like to help change that.

With Brute Box moving boxes, San Francisco has a better alternative to cardboard boxes that save you time, hassle and money, but are also better for the environment. The durable construction of Brute Boxes allow them to be used more than 400 times before being recycled. We also have environmentally friendly packing materials, like recycled newsprint, recyclable bubble wrap and Geami wrap, a compostable tissue paper protective wrap.

As you’re cleaning out your garages and closets, moving provides a great opportunity to recycle or donate items you no longer need. Here are a few San Francisco options we recommend.

moving boxes san francisco

Green Citizen

Green Citizen will take anything that plugs into the wall or runs on batteries. They’re located at: 1541 Sloat Boulevard and 1880 Mission Street. However, they have 20 locations in total when you include drop-off areas for smaller items. Call them at (415) 900-3900 or visit


Recology will recycle a wide variety of items including furniture, electronics, appliances, bundled or boxed clothes, and mattresses picked up through Recology’s ‘RecycleMyJunk’ program. They’re located at 501 Tunnel Avenue, or call them at (415) 330-1400 or visit


The Bay Area Goodwill donation locations take a wide variety of items, from clothing to electronics, and even cars. There are more than 30 donation drop-off sites in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties, including 1580 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103, or call them at (415) 575-2240 or visit