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Moving Boxes Oakland Delivered.

The better option for moving boxes Oakland residents have.

If you’re searching for ‘moving boxes Oakland’, you’re likely preparing for a Bay Area move. Instead of cheap cardboard boxes, rent reusable plastic moving boxes that we deliver to your home or office.

Using our Brute Box moving boxes Oakland residents can save time, money and hassle on their next home or office move. Our Brute Boxes rent in packages by the week, and they include everything you need to move, including the boxes, a moving dolly, packing labels and security ties for each box. We also have other moving and packing supplies available like hand trucks, packing paper and bubble wrap, all with free next-day delivery to Oakland, and we’ll even pay the sales tax on rental items!

At Brute Box Moving, our goal is to provide best moving boxes Oakland residents demand, with the best customer service. To get started, view all of our moving supplies here: Moving Supplies

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Why Rent Moving Boxes Oakland

Move Easier.

Save time and headache with reusable moving boxes Oakland. Moving with Brute Boxes, the boxes arrive assembled, requiring no tape, and each has an integrated lid, meaning you can start packing right away. Simply load your boxes, close the lid, and stack everything on the included moving dolly. The best part is when you’re done moving, there are no cardboard boxes to break down and recycle, just stack your empty boxes and we’ll pick everything up when it’s convenient for you. View Our Supplies

Save Money.

Not only can you make your move easier, but you can save money as well. Because you’re renting, with our moving boxes Oakland residents can save up to 40% versus traditional cardboard boxes. Plus, we will even pay the tax on all your rented items! Whether you’re moving yourself, or you’re hiring a moving company, use Brute Boxes and save hours not assembling cardboard boxes.

Rental packages for a one-bedroom home start at $79 delivered, and include everything you need to pack. View Our Pricing

Protect Your Stuff.

Say goodbye to leaky boxes, crushed cardboard, or box seams breaking open. With Brute Box moving boxes Oakland residents can have confidence their items will be safe. Our boxes are durable, made out of industrial-strength recyclable plastic. They’re also waterproof, so any spills won’t leak on your other items, and they’re secure. With the included cable ties in every order you’ll know that all of your items have arrived at your new home or office safely.

What Our Customers Are Saying

This service was the best – so much easier than trying to source, pick up and put together cardboard boxes. As a working mom, having the boxes delivered made my life easier. Loved it.”
Five Star Review

Shannon Y.

Oakland, CA

I am so, so happy I decided to use Brute Box for my recent move! On many levels, Brute Box helped my move go smoother, faster, and more efficient than I thought it possibly could…Brute Box is my new standard for moving, and will save you time, money, and sanity for your next move!”
Five Star Review

Jessica S.

Oakland, CA

Super easy, on time and reliable with no guilt and hassle over what to do with those cardboard boxes post move.”
Five Star Review

Julie Y.

Oakland, CA

Oakland Moving Resources

At Brute Box Moving, we strive to make your move easier, cheaper, faster and better for the environment. Moving is a stressful experience, but also can be extremely wasteful. In 2014, with more than 1.2 million cardboard moving boxes, Oakland residents moved more than 20,000 times. Our goal is to help change that.

With Brute Box Moving rental moving boxes, Oakland residents can help save the environment and make their move easier. With the durable plastic construction of our moving boxes, Oakland residents can reuse them up to 400 times before being recycled. We also have environmentally friendly packing materials, like recycled newsprint, recyclable bubble wrap and Geami wrap, a compostable tissue paper protective wrap.

During your move, as you’re organizing your items, cleaning out closets and garages, it’s a great opportunity to donate and recycle items you no longer want. Here are a few Oakland donation and recycling sites we recommend:

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Green Citizen

Green Citizen has numerous locations throughout the Bay Area and will take anything that plugs into the wall or runs on batteries. In Oakland, they have a drop off location inside of Cole Hardware at: 5533 College Avenue Oakland, CA 94618. Call them at (510) 463-2653 or visit

Out Of The Closet

Donate your items and help support a good cause. Out Of The Closet uses your donations to help support the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. They take a wide variety of items, from clothing to appliances. They’re located at 1600 University Avenue Berkeley, CA 94703, or call them at (510) 841-2088 or visit


Univeral Waste Management (“Unwaste”) has a Oakland drop off location for e-waste, small appliances, large appliances (with a small fee) and paper/pulp (e.g. newspapers and books). Their warehouse is open for drop offs from 8:00am to 4:00pm, 7 days a week.

You can find Unwaste at 721 37th Ave, Oakland, CA 94601, or call them at (888) 832-9839 or visit