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Moving Boxes Berkeley Delivered.

Moving in the Berkeley area? Move smarter.

If you are searching for ‘moving boxes Berkeley’, you likely have a Berkeley move coming up, we can help. Instead of using cardboard, with our rented plastic moving boxes Berkeley residents can save time money and hassle on their next move.

At Brute Box Moving, we rent boxes made out of industrial-strength plastic that are waterproof, durable and secure. The boxes are rented in weekly increments in convenient packages based on the size of your home. Each rental package includes everything you’ll need to move: the boxes, a moving dolly, packing labels, and security ties. We also have other moving and packing supplies, including hand trucks, packing paper and bubble wrap – all with free delivery of moving boxes in Berkeley.

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Why renting moving boxes is better

Save Hassle.

No need to drive around the East Bay trying to collect your moving boxes, tape and packing supplies. With Brute Box Moving, you select the rental package based on the size of your home, add any additional packing supplies you need, and we’ll deliver it all when it’s convenient for you. See our Moving Supplies

Save Money.

Renting your moving boxes will save you up to 40% versus buying cardboard boxes.

No more inflated box prices from home centers or moving companies. Are you planning to use a mover? Not a problem! We can drop off the boxes prior to your movers arriving so they can begin packing and moving soon as they arrive. See our Rental Pricing

Keep Your Goods Safe.

No more leaky boxes, crushed items, or cardboard box seams breaking open. Our boxes are made out of durable industrial-strength recyclable plastic, and are waterproof and secure. With Brute Boxes you can have confidence your items will arrive at your new home or office safely.

Let’s Help Keep Berkeley Green

Fact: 360,000 the number of moving boxes Berkeley residents used in 2014

Moving with traditional cheap cardboard boxes is wasteful, we want to help. In 2014, using more than 360,000 cardboard moving boxes Berkeley residents moved more than 20,000 times. Because our Brute Boxes are made out of industrial-strength recyclable plastic, with this durable construction of our moving boxes, Berkeley residents can reuse these boxes up to 400 times before they’re recycled.

Cardboard boxes aren’t the only problem, we also provide environmentall friendly packing material options as well, including recycled newsprint, recycable bubble wrap and compostable Geami wrap.

As you’re moving, it’s a great opportunity to clean out your home and remove the clutter. Whether it is a donation or recycling, here are a few of our favorite Berkeley options.

Green Citizen

GreenCitizen, which has 20 electronics recycling locations in the San Francisco Bay Area will take anything that plugs in to the wall or runs on batteries. You can find them at 1971 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704, call them at (510) 981-1900, or visit their website at:

Goodwill of Berkeley

Goodwill, which will take most household items, has a Berkeley location at 2058 University Avenue, call them at (510) 649-1287 or you can visit their website at: