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21 Expert Moving and Packing Tips

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Moving brings out mixed emotions in people. For some, it’s a fresh start and a time to de-clutter. To most, it’s complete misery. Dental surgery sounds more fun. Packing your boxes right will make moving easier. Here are our favorite packing tips to help reduce the stress of a move.

clear moving tote


Keep it separated.

Put all of your most important personal items needed the day of the move in a clearly marked clear plastic container. Items like important moving documents, tools, money and snacks can easily be located. Have this container loaded last so it can be unloaded first.


Keep it together.

Use one gallon plastic bags to organize and contain all of your important items during the move.

plastic bag with items

moving boxes with packing labels


Stay color coordinated.

Use unique colored labels for each room. During the unpacking process, it will make moving the box to the correct room a snap.


Wrap it up.

Garbage bags make moving bulky items easy. They’re perfect for blankets, pillows and clothes. They’re easy to pack and will protect your delicates from spills.

garbage bag

drawer with dvds


Take advantage of natural boxes.

Many furniture items make natural boxes. Baskets, buckets and drawers can be packed full, which saves you moving boxes.


One per rule.

Keep only one room per box so that boxes can be packed and unloaded in their designated room directly.

three moving boxes

plates stacked vertically


Keep them vertical.

Stack fragile items like plates vertically and you’ll help avoid breakage.


Sock everything away.

Shirts, pants and even socks make great packing material for your fragile items.

item packed in sock

wiring mess


Take photos of complicated electronics.

Where does this cord go? Take pictures of your electronic cords before disassembly. It will make setting everything up a whole lot easier.


Mark your cords.

Mark your cords with tape so you can easily identify where each cord goes.

cables marked

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