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Moving Boxes San Jose Delivered.

Have a San Jose move coming?

If you’re searching for ‘moving boxes San Jose’ we can help. Brute Box Moving rents reusable moving boxes San Jose residents can use to make their move easier.

Instead of cardboard, with plastic moving boxes San Jose residents have found that using Brute Boxes will save them time, money and hassle. Our Brute Boxes rent in packages by the week, and they include everything you need to move: the boxes, a moving dolly, packing labels and security ties for each box. We also have other moving and packing supplies available like hand trucks, packing paper and bubble wrap, all with free next-day delivery to San Jose, and we’ll even pay the sales tax on rental items!

So make your move next mover easier and save money in the process, rent moving boxes San Jose.

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Why It’s Better

Save Time.

Save time and hassle. No driving around town to find boxes. No box assembly required. No recycling mess when you’re done. Brute Boxes arrive assembled, with attached lids, requiring no tape, meaning you can start packing right away. Simple load your boxes, close the lid, and stack everything on the included moving dolly. When you’re done moving, there are no boxes to break down, just stack your empty boxes and we’ll pick everything up. View Our Supplies

Save Money.

Our rental packages are up to 40% cheaper than using cardboard boxes, plus you’ll save the time and labor of assembling and dissembling cardboard boxes. Complete packages for a one-bedroom home start at $79 delivered, and include everything you need to pack, plus we will even pay the tax on all your rented items! View Our Pricing

Protect Your Stuff.

No more leaky boxes, crushed cardboard, or box seams breaking open. Our durable boxes are made out of industrial-strength recyclable plastic, and are waterproof and secure. With Brute Boxes you can have confidence your items will arrive at your new home or office safely.

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Help Keep San Jose Green

Brute Boxes will save you time, money and hassle, but also are better for the environment. With an average residential home using 60 cardboard moving boxes San Jose residents used more than 2.2 million cardboard boxes in just 2014 alone! We want to help change that. Our boxes are made of durable recyclable plastic and can be used more than 400 times before being broken down and recycled.

Moving provides a great opportunity to clean out your closets and donate or recycle unwanted items. We’ve provided a link to a few of our favorite San Jose donation and recycling centers below.

Green Mouse

Green Mouse, which takes electronics and also offers a pickup service. They’re located at 529 Race Street San Jose, CA 95126, or you can call them at (408) 464-9999, or visit their website at:

Green Ewaste

Green Ewaste, an electronics recycler that also offer pickups. They’re located at 2127 Monterey Hwy San Jose, CA 95125, or call them at (408) 287-3292, or visit their website at:

Goodwill of San Jose

The Bay Area Goodwill donation locations take a wide variety of items, from clothing to electronics, and even cars. They have numerous locations around San Jose, you can find a complete list at their website linked below. One of the centrally located San Jose locations is 3315 Sierra Rd San Jose, CA 95132. The Silicon Valley Goodwill website can be found here: