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Office Moving Boxes Delivered.

Have an office or commercial move in San Francisco?

If you’re planning an office move or relocation in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can help. Brute Box Moving rents reusable plastic moving boxes and sell packing supplies, all with free delivery and pickup to 75 cities in the Bay Area. With our boxes you will save time, money and hassle, letting your business get back to work.

  • Save Time. No taping or box assembly required. We deliver everything and you can start packing right away.
  • Save Money. No inflated cardboard boxes cost. No labor to assemble boxes. Convenient one-stop shopping with rental packages starting at $89 delivered.
  • Save Hassle. The boxes nest when empty and stack when full, and the included dolly makes moving everything easy.

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Common Questions

How does it work?

We rent moving supplies and sell packing supplies, all with free delivery and pickup in the San Francisco Bay Area. To order, select one of our standard office moving packages, or give us a call to create a custom package, and we’ll deliver everything to your current office and pick everything up at your new office when you’re done. View Our Supplies

What if we’re using a mover?

Not a problem, in fact you’ll save money. We’ll drop the boxes off before the mover arrives and you’ll save time and money, by not having to buy overpriced cardboard, or pay your moving company to assemble boxes.

What does it cost?

We have standard office rental packages that start at $89, which includes delivery and pickup, and we’ll even pay the tax on rental items. Give us a call at (415) 347-3160 to create a custom package. View Our Pricing

How it works

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We Deliver.

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You Move.

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We Pickup.

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Free delivery and pickup on all orders.

What our customers are saying

I’ve moved three times in as many years, and having now used Brute Box for my last move, I will NEVER again be bothered to drive all the way to Home Depot, buy a bunch of boxes, assemble and tape them all, and then, worst of all, have to cut them all up to fit into my recycle bin after I am finally unpacked

Five Star Review

Peter S.

San Francisco, CA

BRUTE BOX is AWESOME. Do not move without these boxes. They are highly recommended. Here’s why: No boxes to tape/untape. Boxes actually stack neatly with or without stuff in them. They deliver and pickup.”

Five Star Review

Brian L.

San Francisco, CA

Very convenient service. We moved from a 18th story condo to 3rd level flat and because the boxes stacked very easily, we could have a lot of stuff in a small area. Getting the flat dolly for the boxes is a must. It saved me and my back lots of pain.”

Five Star Review

Kihlon G.

San Francisco, CA