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Packing Paper vs Bubble Wrap: It’s a Showdown

Part of packing a moving box like a pro is knowing how to protect your fragile items. You really have two options for ensuring your belongings remain in tact: packing paper or bubble wrap. Both of these moving supplies have their strong points but win out in different categories.

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Choosing Packing Supplies for Moving

If you’ve ever had to move to a new location, only to find that some of your belongings were damaged during the move, you know just how important finding the right packing supplies can be. Unfortunately, many people are in a hurry, which means they often throw things into a box without considering what packing materials would ensure safe transport. In addition, some packing supplies can be expensive, and some movers will do anything they can to avoid purchasing expensive supplies. How do you know which packing materials to use when moving, and when is it a good idea to purchase packing supplies?

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