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San Francisco Moving Permit: How to Apply Guide

If you’re planning a move in the city of San Francisco, it’s likely you’re going to need a San Francisco moving permit for the moving truck, and most San Francisco movers put this responsibility on the person moving. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t make it easy to figure out how to get your San Francisco moving permit. So we’ve compiled this movers guide outlining the steps to getting your temporary San Francisco moving permit.

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Oakland Moving Permit: Oakland Movers Guide to Applying

If you’re planning a home or office move in Oakland, California, then you’ll likely need an Oakland moving permit to park the moving truck (the city of Oakland also calls the permit a Oakland obstruction permit). With the moving parking permit, it will allow you to put up no parking signs in designated parking spaces in front of your house, allowing your Oakland movers plenty of space to park. Most Oakland moving companies put the responsibility of obtaining the moving permit on the mover, so plan ahead to ensure you have plenty of time to obtain your Oakland moving permit.

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