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5 Facts You Didn’t Know about Moving Boxes

Can you imagine moving your home or office without using moving boxes? Well, until the late 1800s, people did just that, relying on heavy trunks, wooden boxes, and bulky sacks to transport their belongings. Today, moving boxes are such a common component of the moving process that most people hardly give them a second thought. But let’s not take them for granted. After all, you could be throwing you back out trying to lift a 100 pound trunk stuffed full of your belongings instead of sliding a lightweight moving box easily onto a dolly. Read on to discover five more facts you didn’t know about moving boxes and why the type of moving box you choose matters.

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Moving Box Rental San Francisco

So you’re getting ready for your next move, and if you’re like most people, you dread having to find, assemble, tape and pack all of your cardboard moving boxes; and cardboard boxes are a gift that keeps on giving. Just you think you’re done, you’re not – you need to break down, haul to the curb and recycle all of the cheap, flimsy cardboard boxes. You must be thinking…there has GOT to be a better way. There is. At Brute Box Moving we provide moving box rental to more than 75 cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rental moving boxes are easier, cheaper and better for the environment than using cardboard.

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