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Free Moving Boxes Aren’t as Free as You Might Think

Everyone loves free things. From buy one, get one free sales to free coffee and even free samples at the grocery store, we just can’t say no to something that’s free. This is especially true if the alternatives are costly. When it comes to moving, most people are on the lookout for free moving boxes. After all, moving is extremely expensive already. After paying for a moving truck and paying for your deposit, you may feel like you have very little left to spend, and so the hunt for free moving boxes begins. But don’t let the word “free” mislead you. In the long run, free moving boxes aren’t as free as you might think.

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Top Ways to Find Free Moving Boxes in San Francisco

While they’re all in the same vicinity, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose each offer very different living environments. Fortunately, there are enough neighborhoods between them that finding the perfect place to settle down shouldn’t be a problem. One thing all these places have in common, though, is that you’ll need moving boxes to get all your stuff there. Instead of adding another item to your budget, though, consider the following ways of finding them for free.

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